What can an RICP do for You?

Americans are likely to enjoy a long retirement and planning that period is more complicated than ever before.  Many do not have pensions to rely on like their parents did and there are complex and irrevocable decisions about where and when to retire, how to claim your social security and the real fear of running out of money.  At this time in life, it is  imperative to have on your team a RICP (Retirement Income Certified Professional).

RICP's are trained to help their clients in a number of areas providing you with peace of mind when planning your retirement.

RICP's work with clients to:

  • Build a comprehensive retirement income plan that addresses income needs and other financial goals.
  • Choose the optimal retirement age.
  • Plan for the risks faced in retirement like the uncertainty of life expectancy, inflation, health status, and investment climate
  • Make claiming decisions that maximize Social Security benefits
  • Plan for the consequences of frailty later in life including long term care needs and other needs due to physical and mental decline.
  • Consider ways to improve a plan through taking advantage of tax savings plans and other tax considerations.