What can a ChFC do for YOU?

A ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant) is an educated, experienced, and qualified professional committed to the financial well being of your family, your business, and yourself.   A ChFC can  provide professional advice on a broad range of financial topics and help you:

        Create a Sound Financial Solution

  • Help achieve your financial goals
  • Analyze your overall financial situation
  • Identify your life and health insurance needs
  • Identify your personal property and liability risks

        Manage Taxes Better for You and Your Business

  • Review your current income tax situation
  • Develop strategies to help reduce and defer your income taxes

        Help You Plan for Retirement

  • Prepare a retirement plan that will suit your needs
  • Select a tax-managed retirement plan

       Build An Investment Approach to Help You Reach Your Goals

  • Identify appropriate investment opportunities
  • Design a portfolio that will accommodate your personal objectives and level of risk tolerance

        Enhance the Value of Your Estate

  • Provide for your financial security during retirement
  • Enhance your family’s security through the accumulation of an estate
  • Conserve your existing assets